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Central Alberta Specialty Lingerie Boutique Receives International Recognition

(Ponoka, Alberta, May 5) – Women come in all shapes and sizes; celebrating those very differences has put Ponoka’s Busted Ladies Lingerie on the lingerie world

For the last 12 years, Busted has focused on offering women lingerie that they can feel sexy and confident in, while also ensuring they are comfortable. That
devotion has landed Busted as a nominee for the Best of Intima 2020 Awards[2].  It’s a feather in the cap of co-owner Sherry Gummow.

“I was beside myself with excitement,” explained Gummow. “I have known about the Best of Intima Awards for the last 10 years and to be nominated says a lot about
what we do.”

Busted’s focus has always been on finding the right bra for customers. Generally, women with a cup size larger than Double-D are unable to find something that fits
and supports them.  It’s a service gap that has allowed Busted Ladies Lingerie to shine. The lingerie boutique in uptown Ponoka has customers from across Alberta.

“I have one customer who drives six hours to come to my store,” said Gummow, “and we have many out of province customers, including from the USA.” 

One size does not fit all; women are like beautiful snowflakes, each different and special in their own way. Busted has focused on personal service and diverse size

Busted Ladies Lingerie is in the business of helping women look good and feel confident. “I’ve had women cry when
they get the right bra – because they’d been told they couldn’t have what they were looking for,” said Gummow.

An ill-fitting bra can add stress, not only to a woman’s self-confidence, but also to her neck and back. It’s one of
the problems that Gummow has focused on solving.

That sense of service has caught the eyes of the nomination committee for the Best of Intima 2020 Awards with a
special gala set for Aug. 2, 2020. The gala features nominees from all around North America with a focus on boutique and independent stores. This year the Best of Intima has added customer
participation with social media involvement using the @thebestofintimaawards[3] Instagram tag.
Boutiques are already sharing the love.

Despite a current struggle due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Busted Ladies Lingerie is in a position like never before,
thanks to their service-oriented focus and their loyal customers. Gummow credits her incredible staff, plus her husband and business partner, Keith, for their passion to see the business

Busted Ladies Lingerie features a Facebook Live event most Tuesday nights at 7:30 p.m.
Tune in for more information or follow them on
Instagram. Follow Busted to see how
they make out with this year’s Best of Intima Awards. 


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